What is Hydroponics -Advantage of Hydroponics

The word hydroponics is derived from Greek, combining the word hydro, meaning “water” withponos which means “labor” or “result of work”.  As such, hydroponics gardening entails the cultivation of plants without the use of soil, where water does the work.  The roots of a plant extract nutrients essential to growth from minerals or ions dissolved in water.


Hydroponics vs Ordinary Gardening


Hydroponics gardening is really no more difficult than ordinary gardening.  Both techniques require adequate light, suitable temperature, water, and humidity.  However, in hydroponics, normal soils are not used.  The nutrients required for plant development are carried in an ionized solution directly to the plant roots which are kept moist either in liquid, in a mist, or in a soil substitute.  Indoor locations can be very effective and plants respond well to hydroponics in a controlled environment.

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